Data Distribution Simulator
What is DaDiSi?



Any distribution policy must inherit from the Distributor base class and provide specific implementations for all methods marked pure virtual. Please check doc/html/index.html for details on the Distributor class and the methods that must be implemented.

Each policy must have a constructor receiving an int and a char array, which are used to pass parameters from the command line to the policy. Additionally, each strategy must implement a constructor receiving a DOMElement argument which is used to load strategy configuration from an XML-File (simply leave the constructor empty if you don't need this).

Once the distribution policy is implemented, it is necessary to add it to the Distributor::createDistributor method, so that it can be instantiated and used.

A very simple distribution policy can be seen in the DistRoundRobin class. We have also included several other implementations that can be checked to get a better understanding of the API. They can be found in the dadisi directory, under the name convention Dist*.h.

You can also find some examples on how to use the API to exercise the distribution policies in the perf_eval directory.