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VDRIVE::RSCacheNode Class Reference

#include <RSCache.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual mpq_class * getValue (int32_t *query)
virtual std::pair< const
int32_t, mpq_class * > * 
getHighValue (int32_t *query)
virtual std::pair< const
int32_t, mpq_class * > * 
getLowValue (int32_t *query)
virtual void setValue (int32_t *query, mpq_class &value)
virtual ~RSCacheNode ()
 RSCacheNode (int32_t depth)

Detailed Description

This class represents a Node in a RSCache.

Sascha Effert <>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RSCacheNode::~RSCacheNode (  ) [virtual]


VDRIVE::RSCacheNode::RSCacheNode ( int32_t  depth ) [inline]

Create a new node (A SubCache of given depth). Should not be used by users of a RSCache. The instanciation of a cache sould be done using RSCache::createInstance(int32_t depth).

depththe depth of the SubCache
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Member Function Documentation

std::pair< const int32_t, mpq_class * > * RSCacheNode::getHighValue ( int32_t *  query ) [virtual]
std::pair< const int32_t, mpq_class * > * RSCacheNode::getLowValue ( int32_t *  query ) [virtual]
mpq_class * RSCacheNode::getValue ( int32_t *  query ) [virtual]
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Implements VDRIVE::RSCache.

void RSCacheNode::setValue ( int32_t *  query,
mpq_class &  value 
) [virtual]

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